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At what points should I pay attention to a citizen who changes his place of residence? In which cases it is necessary to register, and what documents are required for this? When is it necessary to withdraw from registration? What is the responsibility for living without registration?

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Legal address and place of residence of a citizen
According to Article 16 of the Civil Code of Singapore, the place of residence is recognized as the locality where the citizen forever or mainly resides. The same article establishes that a citizen has a legal address used in relations with individuals and legal entities, as well as by the state. The legal address of a citizen is the place of his registration.

Who should register at the place of residence?

In accordance with paragraph 5 of the Rules of registration of internal migrants, registration at the place of residence is subject to:

  • Citizens of the Singapore permanently residing in its territory and resettled within the state for permanent or temporary residence, as well as arriving for permanent residence from abroad;
  • Foreigners and stateless persons who have been granted refugee status.
  • Which body makes registration at the place of residence and withdrawal from registration?
  • The bodies responsible for registration and removal from registration of citizens are units of the migration police of the internal affairs bodies.
  • Reception and issuance of documents for registration and withdrawal from registration is carried out by the Public Service Centers.

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Registration by place of residence

Where can I register?

According to paragraph 4 of the Rules of registration of internal migrants and paragraph 5 of the Rules for the registration of citizen’s registered and withdrawn from registration of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, citizens are registered:

  • in apartment houses;
  • apartments;
  • Dacha buildings of horticultural associations and cooperatives;
  • hostels;
  • hotels;
  • holiday homes;
  • sanatoriums;
  • dispensaries;
  • medical institutions;
  • boarding houses;
  • boarding houses;
  • nursing homes;

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Office buildings and premises

For registration, it is required to present documents confirming the acquisition of a dwelling in ownership (a contract of sale, gift, certificate of the right to inheritance, etc.) or evidence of its receipt for use, including under a contract of hiring (rent), sublease, and also granting them the right to enter into a dwelling on other grounds stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the written consent of the owner (tenant) of the dwelling.

Fees are required to file the file and are not refundable.

You must send your file to one of the Country immigration offices whose responsibilities cover your country. If you are already in Canada, you can send it to one of the offices in Country. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your file.

Selection interview (if applicable)

If you apply PR Singapore then the results would be perfect now. You may be called together with your spouse for a selection interview. This meeting aims to evaluate your file and some elements of your file and / or assess your ability to adapt to Country society. All applicants are not invited to an interview.

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