Prevent Common Pests from Entering your Commercial Property

Generally, pests have always been bad news for commercial property owners. They are an unwelcome distraction and also pose a health hazard to visitors and staff. This is the main reason it is imperative to work with a professional in pest control to inspect your property and take the right precautions to prevent pest infestations.

Rodent - Prevent Common Pests from Entering your Commercial Property

Some of the common pests that might invade your commercial property include rodents, flies, birds, spiders, and more. Here are tips to ensure none of these pests make their way into your commercial property.

1. Rodents
Rats, mice, and other rodents are a nuisance and can pose a significant health risk to your patrons and employees. The Humane Society of the US asserts that rats and mice can carry a broad range of diseases and bacteria that can affect humans negatively.

The diseases are typically spread via urine or droppings that the rodents leave in your property. According to experts, the most effective rodent prevention method is by sealing all the holes and cracks that serve as entry points. Note that mice can squeeze through small holes and cracks. Mice and rats are attracted to places with enough food. To discourage them from entering your property, keep the environment clean, and keep all cereals in closed containers. Make sure your parking lot is clean and clutter-free.

2. Birds
In a similar vein to rodents, birds are majorly attracted to cereals and food debris. Also, they are attracted to areas around your property roof where they can set up nests. It is, therefore, important to keep your property roof and the entire area clutter-free and clean. You may also consider other birds control options such as deterrents like spikes, coils, and netting.

3. Flies
The Health Site estimates that flies can carry up to 60 types of diseases. That means this seemingly benign pest poses a big threat to all the occupants of your commercial building. Think of diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and other diseases. No matter the time of the year, you should always make sure that your property is free from flies.

You can rely on your HVAC system to ensure that there is an ambient temperature in your property. Besides, you need to keep trash sealed as exposed dumpster attracts flies. All the surfaces, including tables, workstations, windows, walls, doors, and more must be wiped with an anti-bacterial solution regularly. Note that general cleanliness is the best way of ensuring that flies don’t make their way into your commercial property.

4. Spiders
One of the best ways of keeping this eight-legged creepy crawlies from your property is to caulk all the gaps on your property. Some of these little devils poisonous and a mere sight of a spider could scare your staff and other people within your property. You should also dust and clean all the hard to reach spaces to discourage spiders from building their webs. Whether you are battling with the harmless house spiders or some dangerous species such as the black window, contact an expert for effective spider control.

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