Protecting Your Present and Future after an On-the-Job Injury

Like most people, you probably rely heavily on your job to make ends meet. Even if you have money in savings, your paychecks are vital to keeping your household financially afloat. When you have been hurt on the job, however, your paychecks can take a serious hit or even come to a halt altogether if you are unable to return to work right away, if ever. Rather than allow your family to suffer financially, you can take steps to protect you and your family now and into the future by securing help from programs like Iowa workers compensation.

Courts of Justice

These programs are closely guarded so that they are not misused, however. When you need to get access to the funds from your employer’s workers compensation insurance, you may find it an uphill battle to prove that your injuries really do stem from your job. You also may find it challenging to keep your job intact if your employer aims to take retaliatory action against you for filing a workers comp claim against its insurance. Rather than risk losing your job or not being compensated for your injuries, loss of income, and suffering, you may be well advised to retain legal help to build your case.

When you retain a lawyer who practices in this area of law, you can be assured that your attorney will know what action to take and when to file a case if necessary. Your legal team can act as an intermediary between you and your employer, as well as your employer’s own legal team. Your attorney will not be intimidated, nor will he or she allow you to be intimated and wrongly terminated from your job. You can focus on healing while your legal team takes care of the paperwork and securing evidence to prove that you were genuinely hurt on the job.

Many employers want to settle claims out of court to avoid bad press and to avoid the expense that comes from litigation. At first glance, your employer’s settlement offer may seem generous and like more than enough to help you recover financially. However, before you accept it, your attorney will review the settlement and ensure that the offer is enough to help you today and into the future. Your legal team will make sure that the money covers your bills now and your medical expenses later.

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