Qualities to Look for Before Hiring a Content Writer

Google has always maintained that the best SEO practice is to create good user experience. One of the ways to create a good user experience is to have engaging content on your website. Webmasters who want their websites to rank well need good content on their site that people—not just the webcrawlers of Google—will appreciate. While webmasters may have the skills to make sure their site is well optimised, they need a way to make sure the content is well-made and more than interesting enough to catch reader attention.

Content Writer
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With social signals—such as the number of times an article is shared or liked—now playing a greater part in page ranking, having excellent onsite content that people will like and share is vital. If you don’t have enough time to write the content of your site yourself, hiring ghost bloggers or freelance writers is one way to direct some of those potential traffic to your site.

Qualities of a Good Content Writer

Before you get the services of a content writer, here are a few things to look for in good content writers.

1) Top-notch grammar skills – no matter how well you’ve designed your site in order to optimise it, people will still be turned off by glaring grammatical errors. Your website’s bounce rate will greatly suffer if people read a few sentences and find a lot of grammatical errors so make sure the content writers you hire has top-notch grammar skills. Ask them to send a few samples before you hire them. Test out their skills by having them write an article on the spot after you’ve interviewed them. This can help you gauge their writing skills and see if their writing style is what you’re looking for.

2) Good research skills – writers should have good research skills and know how to judge the trustworthiness of online resources. They must have enough training to know how to delve deeper into a subject and not just rely on the information that crops up on the first few results on Google. Good content writers produce excellently researched articles that contain statistics and link back to the source so that readers can verify the source for themselves.

3) Knows SEO – good content writers also should know the best SEO practices so that their content can rank well on search engines. They have to be familiar with the proper use of headings and know how to link to trustworthy online resources. And most important of all, good content writers know how to create unique content—one that doesn’t compromise SEO optimisation—so their work truly stands out.

4) Can commit to a deadline – this is especially important if you’re hiring content writers to produce articles you’ll submit to other webmasters for guest blogging purposes. If you’ve committed to the other webmaster that your article will be ready on a certain date, then your writers should deliver well in advance of that deadline. However, you should also be reasonable with deadline expectations for your writers. Give them enough time to research and write. There’s no sense in rushing writers to deliver only to get content that’s riddled with grammatical errors. Having a good stable connection from a fast broadband provider also helps writers meet their deadlines since this makes it possible for them to do their research efficiently.

These are just some of the traits you can look for in good content writers. Whether you’re getting one to build back links for a guest blogging campaign or create engaging content for your site, writers who have these qualities will be a great asset to you and help you and your site succeed. Good writers can create articles that people will like and share on their online social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, one that utilises up-to-date SEO practices, to help your pages rank well on search engines.

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