Questions To Ask Potential Janitorial Service Companies

Hiring a janitorial service company for your business is an important decision. They need to be able to clean effectively while maintaining professionalism in your business area. Also, you want to ensure you have a good working relationship with them that is fostered with trust. They will often be working alone or out of sight in your business and you need to be able to trust them. Below are some questions you should ask potential companies in order to find reputable janitorial services Minneapolis, such as the one found at

Industrial Manufacturing - Questions To Ask Potential Janitorial Service Companies

How Long In Business?

One of the first questions you should ask potential janitorial service companies is how long they have been in business for. This can give you a good indication of how good they are at what they do. If they offered sub-par services, then they would not last as a company.

How Are Employees Screened?

Another great question that you should ask a company you are considering to hire for janitorial services is how they screen their employees. This is very important, because like stated earlier, they will be working in your business around all of your important office equipment. You want to know they can be trusted with your company’s belongings.

How Are Your Employees Trained?

Once a suitable janitorial company has hired a trusted employee, you will want to know that they were given proper tools and guidance to be able to clean your offices and building appropriately. This can be even more important when you have sensitive equipment located in your facilities.

Cleaning Service - Questions To Ask Potential Janitorial Service Companies

Do You Have Insurance?

This is another important question to ask and should never be skipped. Any reputable company that offers any sort of services should have proper insurance coverage. The coverage should cover things like items being accidentally broken or employees getting hurt in your office. You need to know that there is ample insurance to cover whatever might happen.

Once you have vetted potential janitorial services, you can choose the one that seems like the best fit. If you are not ready to sign a full contract with them, ask if they do a temporary contract so that you can test their services first.

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