Reach More Mobile Website Visitors with These Four Targeted Changes

Small businesses and online brands continue to find prosperity on the internet. Through search engines, email marketing, and social media, these brands are reaching people and growing their audiences through careful and diligent work.

Mobile Website Visitor - Reach More Mobile Website Visitors with These Four Targeted Changes

Many small brands seeking internet fame don’t know how to get started. Arguably, even worse, some existing websites, blogs, and businesses don’t know how to target the right types of people. One of these particular groups, mobile users, is among the fastest growing and largest audiences on the internet.

You absolutely must target mobile users in order to have a successful, long-term marketing and traffic strategy. Let’s review four targeted changes you can make to your website right now to help improve your standing with mobile visitors.

Utilize Mobile Responsive Design
By far the most important change on this list, a mobile responsive design ensures that all visitors see your website as you intend it to be seen. With older and less optimized websites, the resolution, interface, and design is one-size-fits-all. This creates problems for many people on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.

Mobile responsive design allows you to customize the website to appear as you desire based on the individual visitor’s device and resolution. This helps ensure that the site works well for each visitor. In addition, search engines effectively require mobile responsive design these days in order to be visible in mobile search results.

Use Social Media More Frequently
Any brand or website attempting to reach new mobile audiences should consider the power that social media can have on traffic. While most people use some form of social media on a regular basis, mobile users disproportionately engage with sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Through branded pages and profiles on various social media networks, you can more effectively reach out to mobile users in their native habitats.

Optimize Ad Campaigns
If you’re already promoting your website via marketing campaigns on Google, through email, or on social media, then you’re likely reaping some benefit. For anybody wishing to take that to the next level with mobile users, it’s worth making a few tweaks to any existing campaigns.

For example, employing the click-to-call options on your ads – or just including a phone number – will make more users likely to engage with your website. It not only gives them an ability to reach you personally but it adds an element of trust that tends to generate more website clicks.

Another option is to expand your more traditional campaigns into the world of text messaging. Whether you’re targeting likely consumers who’d be interested in your website or already-loyal customers who haven’t been back in a while, text campaigns can help drive mobile traffic immensely.

Deploy More Email Marketing
Do you have a mailing list for your website? If so, begin optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile users. Most people admit to checking their inboxes via mobile devices, which means email campaigns not tailored for mobile audiences could fall short.

Not only will email campaigns with subject lines optimized for mobile experiences increase your open rate but it’ll send a larger number of visitors to your website through all of the clicks in each email. As reported by America Herald, successful social media marketing effort can dramatically boost mobile traffic to any standard website.

Building an active and engaged community of mobile visitors is crucial for website success in the present day. With more people using mobile devices than ever before, search engines, social media, and every major brand understands the need for targeting and appealing to this demographic. Hopefully, you can utilize these four changes to better improve mobile traffic to any and all pages.

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