Reasons to Learn Spanish

For those of you who have been debating taking the time to learn another language, here is a verdict for you: Do it, right now, and learn Spanish. Of course it will take a lot of time. Of course it will be challenging. Of course you’ll feel dumb when you first start learning. But if you stick at it, and if you keep your wits about you, then you’ll soon start to realize that the learning curve will exponentially ramp up until you are bilingual in no time! Spanish is a rich language, and one that there is a whole host of benefits for learning. For the curious enquirer, here are several of many reasons to learn Spanish…

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Spanish is easy for English-speakers to learn

If you’re a native English-speaker looking to learn another language, Spanish is definitely an option that you should consider. Many linguists consider Spanish as the easiest language for an English-speaker to learn, as it has many of the same grammar rules and has lots of words that are similar to their English counterparts. Spanish is also a great language to learn if you are wanting to learn more languages down the road, as it is a great introduction for many concepts that we don’t really have in English, but are incredibly common in other languages, such as feminine and masculine words, as well as their different conjunctions.

Spanish is full of rich history

If you are looking to learn another language as a means to immerse yourself in history and culture, then Spanish is one of the most valuable languages that you can learn. Spanish culture spreads across multiple continents, and has a firm foundation in Europe, South America, North America, and Africa. The cultural aspects of Spanish range across various mediums, such as the paintings of Picasso, to the poems of Pablo Neruda. Each of these various works can be better understood through the lens of the Spanish language, which makes Spanish a very fulfilling language to learn for the inquisitive mind.

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One of the world’s emerging business languages

For young entrepreneurs and traditional business-minded people, alike, Spanish is a language that is quickly becoming essential to know, if you seek to conduct business on an international scale. Spanish is currently the fastest growing language in the world, and is already the native language of 500 million people on this planet, and is spoken in dozens of countries spread across four continents. Learning Spanish opens your services and products up to an entire market of industrial countries that have a remarkable buying power, which is why Spanish is now the number one growing business language in the world, despite fierce competition.

Improve your love life

Let’s be honest, for many curious English-speakers, one of the biggest draws to Spanish is because it is vastly more romantic than the harsh idiosyncrasies and sounds of English. Few things can melt the heart of a prospective date than the smooth sounds of a truly romantic language that rivals French as the true language of love. There is definitely a big reason why the stereotype of Spanish is of a free-wheeling lothario whose hair is blowing in the wind, because that is the visualization of how Spanish sounds to the human ear.

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Being bilingual helps your memory

Although Spanish is the easiest language for English-speakers to learn, many of them might be wondering why they should even learn a second language, at all. For this answer, there are many reasons, such as your ability to understand other cultures and do business with them, or to be able to have greater freedom when you travel, or even just because it is fun. However, if that isn’t enough for you (which it really should be), then also know this: it is good for your mental health. Learning another language has been shown to improve human memory, and can be a very useful tool to help stave off common mental diseases when you’re older, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, on top of just helping you sharpen your brain.

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