Say “Hello” to your Job

You might have faced personal interview several times but what if the interviewer asks you to interview you over the phone. Yes, he might do that. Read on the following article in order to crack the interview over the phone.


You applied for a job and fortunately you have been shortlisted, however there is a twist in the tale. Instead of facing a one- on- one interview, you will be interviewed over the phone. There are several organizations that opt for a telephonic interview as it helps them identify a suitable candidate. Companies also go for a phone interview as they can effortlessly interview shortlisted candidates who are located out of town. Another benefit of choosing a telephonic interview is that it is an inexpensive medium of conducting interviews. Interviews over the phone seem to be a walk in the park; however an interviewee needs to keep a lot of things in mind in order to crack the interview.

Given that you won’t be facing be the interviewer, you still need to prepare yourself to create a lasting impression on the interviewer. The results will determine whether you will be facing the interviewer personally in the next round or not. A phone interview might last for 10- 20 minutes with either one person or several other persons on the other end of the line. A phone interview is as formal as one-on- one interview and therefore the candidate should behave completely formal and the conversation should be strictly adhered to the concerned topic. There are certain more telephonic interview tips that are discussed below.  The time for a phone interview is always discussed prior to the interview and thus you know at what your phone is going to ring for the interview.

Tips for a Phone Interview

This can be your very first telephone interview and thus you need to keep a note of the following pointers:

  • You need to treat the phone interview seriously like you would treat a personal interview.
  • You should keep a copy of resume and cover letter in front of you as the interviewer will be doing the same. Remember that any interview is entirely based on a person’s CV.  The interviewer will ask questions related to your resume. Prepare and calm yourself prior to the interview. If you sound confusing or disorganized then you might not get a second chance.
  • Make sure you phone has sufficient battery that should last for the entire session of interview and choose a quite place for the phone interview. Clear the room – get rid of pets, kids, music, TV and any other source of noise. If possible go for a landline phone as they are high quality phones.
  • While preparing for the interview you should also brush up your knowledge on the company’s profile. This will help you in creating a good impression on the person on the other end of the line.
  • You can always make some notes of the anticipated questions that interviewer might shoot at you. Keep them handy and you might crack the interview.
  • One of the key points for a telephonic interview is to learn the body language over the phone. Speak when you need to speak and you can speak efficiently only if you are a good listener. Smile and sound enthusiastic.

What after the interview?

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