Social Media and its Impact on Real Estate

Marketing strategies are constantly changing every day. Some strategy that worked wonders a few years ago do not apply now as the people are more dynamic in today’s world and they need information which is complete, accurate and of course fast. Today, Social Media marketing is gaining popularity and is effectively used for networking and marketing and its excessive use among all age groups and nationalities has made it a valuable and powerful communication tool. Now, as everyone is having easy access to the internet via their mobile phones and tablets, it’s easy to get connected and spread important information in no time. This is the reason why social media marketing has become extensively received as an essential marketing strategy in real estate in India.


Social media has become a popular platform for people in India. It’s a relationship building exercise by interacting and engaging with people. The initiative to use social media is to gain trust, so that they may come back and buy more products or at least do indirect marketing by spreading good words about it. Social media is used to sell anything to anyone. Different types of professionals are now using social media to advertise their services, meet with other field experts as well as stay updated with recent news and technologies related to their specific business. Witnessing the trends, now even real estate has joined the league by marketing through social media.

Social Media and Real Estate

What is social media marketing?: When a user of social media browses in the networking sites using social media, he or she can find videos, advertisements, pictures, and a small synopsis promoting the real estate projects along with the developers or broker’s website link. Now, when a user views certain offer and he feels its good enough, he may recommend it to others and the cycle continues. Before advertising online in this medium, real estate marketing techniques has to be understood to know what kind of strategies or what information one uses in online. Some of the popular social media sites are:

Facebook: According to recent research, almost 80% of real estate agents are using Facebook to market and advertise their properties. It offers cost-effective method to promote property. This platform also helps in providing new opportunities to grow and nurture a community of potential buyers and sellers.

Twitter: Twitter connects to the current and latest stories, opinions, and ideas and gives accurate information which one finds interesting. One needs to find the account using search option and follow the conversation. You can see videos, photos and conversation related to real estate trends to understand the whole story in a glance and in one place.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social networking website specifically designed for business and professional people. LinkedIn is the top most online professional directory of individuals and companies. LinkedIn has created its presence in 200 countries with 85 million people registered in It., including executives and top-notch from every Fortune 500 company which provides a huge opportunity for the real estate professional to network around the world.

YouTube: This is an online public communications site. The site allows its registered real estate users to upload videos and make it available for public to view them. Everyone who goes to the site can view the videos that are posted on this site. YouTube provides a platform or forum for people to ask query, connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for real estate developers.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube  Google +
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Puravankara Group Puravankara Group Puravankara Group Puravankara Group
Godrej Properties Godrej Properties Godrej Properties Godrej Properties Godrej Properties
Shobha Developers Shobha Developers Shobha Developers Shobha Developers Shobha Developers
Mahindra Lifespaces Mahindra Lifespaces Mahindra Lifespaces Mahindra Lifespaces Mahindra Lifespaces
 Lodha Group  Lodha Group Lodha Group  Lodha Group Lodha Group
Lancor Holdings Lancor Holdings Lancor Holdings Lancor Holdings Lancor Holdings

How does social media work for real estate market in India?

It’s a known fact that social media marketing has become one of the fastest tools of real estate marketing in past couple of years.

Real estate developers get the opportunity to showcase their new projects and give detail about it in the online communities, which in turn open up gates for people who view it, to become their potential clients and might be interested in buying the property or suggest to someone to buy the property. How do they do it?

1.        Announce new launch on Twitter

2.        Add new listings to Facebook profile or page

3.        Updating status on LinkedIn by informing the new listing or launches

4.        Post pictures and captivating videos about the new launch in YouTube

An added benefit of engaging in social marketing for real estate is that one can create some very valuable real estate backlinks to their main website or other web properties.

With a successful and reliable social marketing plan, a real estate business can take advantage of the vast amount of opportunity available in these social media websites online.

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