Stair climbing dolly: a good investment for any transport company

In large companies, there is often the problem of transporting heavy loads. To transport large, bulky loads, several operators are often required, with a great deal of physical effort on their part.

Stair climbing trolley - Stair climbing dolly: a good investment for any transport company

Transport should always be carried out safely, both for operators and for goods, but also with attention to flooring, often damaged by dragging or collision.

Zonzini is a market leader in the design and production of electric stair climber, and its primary purpose is to understand the needs of the market and satisfy them in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

The salaries are born with the aim of:

  • make work safe for anyone involved in transportation;
  • optimize resources. In fact, with the right stair climber trolley, it will be possible to transport the load to a single operator;
  • avoid accidents, taking care of the health of transport workers. No physical effort, no need to keep the weight in balance;
  • preserve the load without the risk of damaging it;
  • do not damage the floors and stairs on which the load will be transported.

So, there are many reasons that could convince a company to invest in one of the stair climbers designed and sold all over the world by Zonzini.

Security should not be a choice, but a priority in any kind of job, especially when the activities can in some way bring harm to the insiders.

One of the most innovative stair climbing trolley  is Domino Automatic, a stair climber able to carry heavy loads on a stair with the minimum effort of the operator. With a joystick you can remotely control it: the trolley remains upright, without requiring the operator to keep the load balanced.

And Zonzini offers you this: quality and safety, guaranteed by the passion and the seriousness of a company that for over 40 years deals with transport on stairs.

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