Standing Out from the Crowd in an Exhibition Hall

Exhibition advertising companies would have you believe that anything less than spending tens of thousands of pounds on an exhibition stand is a waste of money. They also want you to think that it’s the only option you have to make an impact in the market. What about the small to medium enterprises (SMEs) whose budget does not stretch to the extravagant proposals and suggestions from the exhibition stand makers?

Exhibition Stand - Standing Out from the Crowd in an Exhibition Hall

Most exhibition halls, if not all, offer a shell scheme that’s normally two or three walls depending on the location of the stand. The shell stand will normally be supplied with standard carpet tiles, a power supply for lighting, and a couple of power outlets. You need to figure out the rest. Be ready for the opening day or you will forfeit your rental money.

What is the best option for an exhibition stand?
It seems like a daunting task tackling the right design for your exhibition stand, a job that you may not want to undertake. But, there is good news. There are plenty of pop up stand and pull up banner manufacturers that can provide everything you need for a price that will suit your budget. More importantly, your exhibition stand will look like you have spent tens of thousands of pounds instead of hundreds of pounds.

With computerised digital printing, a professional banner maker can produce any artwork you desire. If you require car component images or plastic gutters, the printer will reproduce the image and provide you with a professional looking stand.

Making your business stand out in a crowded exhibition hall
Companies renting shell schemes at exhibition halls rarely occupy a prime location, unless you’re lucky to be placed very close to a major player within your industry. Make the most of the space you have rented and utilise every possible tool at your disposal within your budget.

You can find a range of well-designed packages that include curved presentation desks, with printed images on the front and curved areas. Use printed back walls to create an eye-catching design to entice potential customers to your exhibition stand. Even if your budget is tight, you could use printed table cloths to give a corporate feel to your business. Back wall banner stands are a nice way to advertise, and after the exhibition, they can be used in your business reception or meeting room to remind employees that the business takes promotions seriously.

The importance of budgeting for your exhibition stand
Everything described above is achievable on the smallest of business budgets. In some cases, fitting out a shell scheme exhibition stand can be done for less than five hundred pounds, if you can stretch the budget further, then you can expect an eye-catching crowd enticing exhibition stand. Keep in mind the graphics you will purchase can be used several times. For accounting purposes, amortising your investments will prove the actual cost of your exhibition stand.

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