Using Adversity to Fuel Your Creative Drive

Behind so many great artists and revolutionaries that changed some aspect of the world, or the way we look at it, there is often a point of adversity that they needed to overcome. Indeed, when it comes to looking at the most successful creatives who have defined culture throughout history, a fair dose of adversity (and even tragedy) almost seems like a prerequisite. While this doesn’t mean that you should go out and seek hard-times to fuel your creative juices, it does lead to a broader point about how adversity that you encounter in your life (as we all do) should be treated not like a weight, but as the very spark that launches you forward in creative endeavors.

Using Adversity - Using Adversity to Fuel Your Creative Drive

Traumatic events links to “orphanhood effect”

Traumatic events that cause a person’s entire life to suddenly change, as though through some seismic shift, have often been one of the core motivators of many revolutionary writers throughout history. In fact, this is such a common occurrence that historians have a name for it: the orphanhood effect. The orphanhood effect posits that traumatic events that happen early in life cause a person to experience a much different social upbringing than other people (not necessarily through orphanhood), which allows them to look past social conventions to create work that they might not otherwise be able to. Read More