Unexpected Ways Alcohol is Affecting Your Health

Obviously, alcohol is not thought of as a very healthy thing, and that’s definitely not the reason people drink it. Most people have a couple drinks to have fun and lay back. Everybody knows how much of a risk alcohol poisoning can be, and has seen the effects of how poor decision making abilities that a person has when under the influence of alcohol can lead to health risking behavior. However, there are a lot of other ways that alcohol might be influencing your health in negative ways that you might not be realizing. Here are some to look out for…

Drinking Alcohol - Unexpected Ways Alcohol is Affecting Your Health

Alcohol decreases your metabolism

One such way that alcohol might be impacting your health is that alcohol takes up quite a bit of your body’s energy to process. Your body wants to burn through alcohol before it burns through everything else, so it will neglect processing any other proteins, carbohydrates, and fats until it gets through that alcohol. For this reason, drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, causes your metabolism to slow down during the duration that you are drinking. If you continue to drink in large amounts, it means that your metabolism is going to have a hell of a time keeping up with you. Read More