Does Your Business Need a Lawyer? How to Know When to Hire

When people think about having a business, they build a picture in their mind of offering a product or service for money. They hope to earn a substantial amount of money to eventually retire with something to show for their efforts and business savvy. However, what a lot of entrepreneurs do not consider is how important it is to work with an attorney when addressing a number of different business-related issues. The legal side of doing business is often the furthest thing from their thought process. Yet, it is a critical matter that should be understood sooner than later.

Business Lawyer - Does Your Business Need a Lawyer? How to Know When to Hire

Starting a Business and Filing with the State

When it comes to starting a business, some thought must go into how to properly structure that business for an entrepreneur’s needs. Whether to establish as a Sole Proprietor, partnership, form an LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C corps or similar business structure depends on a lot of different factors. Hiring a lawyer who can help an entrepreneur navigate the murky waters and legal procedures that goes in to forming and filing such business structures with the state is a smart decision. Too often business owners try to do this themselves and fill out something incorrectly which can negatively impact their business down the road. Read More