Get It Moving With the Right Casters

Finding the right casters for your project can make all the difference. Some will be rated for different size loads, some will swivel, and some will even come with a lock. You can use these casters with new or existing items such as chairs and tables to make them more mobile.

Caster - Get It Moving With the Right Casters

Your Project

Some of these items will have multiple benefits for your project, for instance, swivel casters with lock can help you move an item in different directions as well as lock it in place. The specifics of your project will help you decide which type of caster you need to purchase as well as how many you need. For instance, if you are making a rolling kitchen cart, then it will probably be beneficial to get casters which swivel and lock. Projects designed to run on a track, however, will benefit from having rigid casters without a lock. Read More