Amazing Things From Decades Past That Need to Be a Thing Today

Amazing Things From Decades Past That Need to Be a Thing Today

Every past decade had incredible things that make us nostalgic for “the good old days.” While it would be impossible to list them all here, below is a compilation of fun things from decades past that need to make a comeback. What else would you like to see make a comeback from the 20th Century?

Silent Movie Frame Once Upon A Time


  1. Parasols – Back in the day, people would use parasols to block the sun, preventing overheating and sunburn. Whether or not they are useful, they are adorable. They take you from drab to fab in less than 10 seconds.
  2. The Words “Lollapalooza” and “Humdinger” – Both of these words mean something amazing or outstanding. Can you imagine people calling concerts “a real humdinger” or a “lollapalooza?”


  1. Silent Films – The silent film era ran from 1894-1929. Movies today focus too much on special effects and using star actors that they miss the simplicity and elegance of silent films.
  2. Hobble Skirts – The hobble skirt became popular towards the beginning of this decade. It was a dress with a narrow hem near the ankles, consequently causing the wearer to walk slower. While this doesn’t sound like a good idea, it actually accentuates the waist quite nicely.


  1. Flapper Dresses – If you want to wear the most comfortable outfit but still look like a movie star, wear a flapper dress. This style needs to come back, and not just for Halloween.
  2. Jazz Music – Let’s bring back jazz music, not the “smooth jazz” that’s on the radio these days, but the real roaring jazz from the 1920’s.


  1. Buck Rogers Ray Gun – One of the most popular toys during the 1930’s was Buck Rogers Ray Gun. Buck Rogers was a cartoon character who was put into suspended animation for 500 years. He wakes up to find a futuristic society in shambles. He galanty fights against the evil dictator, wielding a futuristic ray gun. There are many different models of the gun that parents would buy for their kids, some metal some paper, but all amazing.
  2. The Lindy Hop – Dancing has always been a way to let loose, but dancing used to be something that everyone could do quite well. The Lindy Hop was just one of the many dances that people from this era were proficient at.

A Girl With Umbrella


  1. Soda Fountains – This is one vintage trend that has started to make a comeback. Soda fountains were small hangouts in pharmacies and other stores where soda was poured on the tap, offering delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. Many companies have started up this soda cocktail trend, but it has yet to be quite as popular as it once was. For more information about the history of soda fountains, check out this blog.
  2. “Fancy” Clothes as Day Wear – The 1940’s was one of the last decades that people dressed their best for everyday life. Now we opt for sweatpants and t-shirts, but in days gone by, people dressed to impress every day of their lives.


  1. Swimsuits – 1950’s swimwear had a way of making you look like you were ready for a fancy night out on the town, or just a day at the beach. They are starting to make a comeback, and rightfully so.
  2. Phrases Such as “Flatter Bum” and “Lighting up the Tilt Sign” – “Flatter bum” was used when you were talking about an attractive man while “lighting up the tilt sign” was how you would describe someone caught in a lie.


  1. The Milkman – Long gone are the days where the milkman delivered milk to your door. This needs to come back, not only because the joke “he looks like the milkman” no longer makes sense, but it was a simpler time where communities were closer and knew each other better.
  2. Ice Cream for Breakfast – In the 1960’s, a woman by the name of Florence Rappaport declared the first Saturday in February as “Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.” While this is still technically a national holiday, few people celebrate it.


  1. Roller Rinks – People sure knew how to have fun in the 70’s! Roller rinks were full of amazing skaters and fun music. Today, you’ll only find sweaty preteens looking to hold hands with the cutest girl in their class. Luckily some rinks still have disco nights for the daring.
  2. Satin… Everything – Clothing in the 70’s took a lot of interesting turns, one of those being the satin trend. You could get satin anything: hats, shorts, jackets, etc. Satin needs to make a comeback.

Pong Video Game Screen


  1. Video Arcades – In the 1980’s, you had to go to the arcade to play your favorite games. You would compete with other people (and against the machine itself) to hold the high score, win bragging rights, and impress your friends. Arcades have nearly died out. Most of them are worn down and overrun by preteens.
  2. The Hair – You may think this one is said in jest, and it partially is, but at the same time, hair in the 1980’s was art. Some of it was a bit out of this world, but many people (take Farrah Fawcett), had something truly remarkable.


  1. The Maze Screensaver – Nearly every computer came the most mesmerizing screensaver. You’d travel through a pixelated maze for hours while the computer tried to find a way out.
  2. Puffy Coats – While these multi-colored patchwork quilts looked dorky, they were incredibly warm. Pea coats are trendy and cute, but they’re not quite warm enough for harsh winters.