Producing Opportunities for Young People to Thrive in Business

One of the common problems facing young people today is that they do not have the experience required to land the job of their dreams. How can they gain experience without first landing a position that makes use of their skills and talents? Through a jobs path program, this is now made more possible than ever before. Young people are able to attend classes and seminars, and then participate in real on the job training that positions them for ultimate success in the job world. This is a benefit from individuals, employers, and the community at large. If you aren’t convinced, just consider some of the many benefits of a youth jobs program.

Sustainable Employment - Producing Opportunities for Young People to Thrive in Business

The Function

By providing a government funded program, young people from all walks of life can gain access to sustainable employment opportunities. This is made possible by providing youth with the support that they need to learn the very skills that employers are seeking after today. In return, these very skills will help them to not only land a job, but to keep it as well. Programs like this provide incentives for employers across the region to make internships available to young people, many of who will continue on with them in some form of gainful employment. Read More