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In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive workforce, finding the right hire for an important position is more challenging than ever. Finding the right fit for a crucial position takes time, energy and know-how, and putting it all together can be a challenge for leaders in an office setting that is already busy and quite understaffed.

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Doing What it Takes To Make a Good Hire

How can a busy professional take the time out of their own schedule to assess a huge number of applicants for a position, when they have so much on their plate already? Getting the right hire involves having to do interviews, get a feel for the person’s skills, worth ethic, and also to get a sense of that indefinable quality that helps a person to fit in well in the work flow of an office. Yes, it’s all a lot of work, and getting it done right is important. Hiring someone for a permanent position who is ultimately not a good fit can make for a difficult situation all around, so it pays to get it right. Read More

Top Job Search Advice

Finding a job has never been easy. You have to battle against other candidates and come out as winner. You need to stand out from the crowd. You have got to impress! However, bagging your desired job has unfortunately become even more difficult in the current day and age. Fewer jobs are available in comparison to the pre-recession period.

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This has led to more people competing for the same job role than ever before. You can find yourself having to stand out against over one hundred candidates, rather than a mere few. Nevertheless, this information is not provided in order to scare you. It is not all doom and gloom like many news reports make it out to be. The jobs are still there and the right one can still be yours. You just need to alter your job search and use all the tools at your disposal to ensure that it is a success. Thus, keep on reading to find the best job search advice for the current day. Read More