What You Need To Know About Lifts

The forklift – one of the most useful pieces of industrial equipment, but also the most dangerous. Without a proper forklift safety training, managing a forklift can result in fatal accidents. There are tens of thousands forklift injuries reported each year, with almost a hundred of deadly outcomes in the US each year. This tells us the importance of a forklift operator training, and how crucial it is to operator’s safety. In order for to improve the efficiency, productivity, and overall safety of a workplace, one must have an ongoing and continuous training. These are the basic things you need to know about operating these lifting machines.



Forklift machines and vehicles are not that difficult to control. Having only a few mechanisms – pedals for acceleration control, breaking mechanisms, levers for crane operation – the difficulty arises from operating these mechanisms in tandem, and learning to move all these pedals and levers together. Read More