What Do You Get When Computer Science, IT & Healthcare Join Forces?

Somehow the thought of computer science, information technology and healthcare joining forces seems like something out of an Orwellian nightmare, but in reality, the three disciplines are anything but cataclysmic when combined! As a matter of fact, when working together, each complements the other so that the end result is extremely improved patient care and often at reduced costs for the provider. Here’s how this works, according to the University of Illinois health informatics department.


The Marriage of Healthcare and Computer Science  
The gathering of healthcare data actually takes place from a great number of sources. Typically, this data is collected in hospitals, clinical studies, healthcare providers (i.e. doctors) and from patients themselves responding to questionnaires and surveys. But, what happens to all the data that is collected? It is worth nothing unless it is organized and then analyzed to determine patterns and outcomes. Read More