No “I” in Team: 5 Ways to Streamline Your HR Department

Every business looks for ways to consistently improve their performance and quality, even in small ways. It’s necessary to grow and stay competitive. But that same perspective should extend to every manager and every department in the company, and to HR in particular. Everything you do affects the company as a whole. Finding ways to streamline your workload will free up your time for more meaningful tasks and more effective employee relationships. Here are some ways to improve HR performance.

HR Performance - No "I" in Team: 5 Ways to Streamline Your HR Department

1. Reconfigure Your Processes

The same principal that drives lean manufacturing techniques can be applied to every aspect of business, including HR. Lean processes basically mean constantly trying to reduce or eliminate all waste. Wasted effort, materials, and money will be eating up valuable time. This time could be used in more productive or meaningful ways if your processes are efficiently organized. Wasted time comes from processes that involve duplicated efforts, inadequate tools, and excessive touches, or too many hands in the same task. It can be helpful to diagram your workflows. Be vigilant for this kind of waste and find ways to get it under control. Read More