4 Reasons Top Recruits Pass Over Your Job Offer

After the interview, you felt confident in hiring a select group of candidates. These individuals exuded the qualities that you want in employees, and they seemed eager about the job. However, after offering the positions to them, your offers were declined. Learning why these rejections came into fruition can help you craft a better situation next time.

Check Hand - 4 Reasons Top Recruits Pass Over Your Job Offer

Scheduling Issues

In your job postings, whether online or delivered through paper advertisements, you must indicate what hours the position requires. If candidates are looking for hours during the typical Monday through Friday workweek and discover that you’re requesting them to work on evenings, weekends or holidays, they are likely to turn down the position. Also, during the interview, they might learn that they are required to travel, and some people simply cannot do so due to other responsibilities. Read More