Awesome features of iPhone 6

Gaming has now taken the front seat as it is a major and key reason for the success of the iPhone6. Apple’s latest iPhone 6 now has hit marketplace in a great way. According to various reports the iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus have now broken the previous records of sales, based on the most comparable launch periods of three-day.


Apple fans are now grabbing this device as never they have done before. But these phones also represent a key breakthrough and just a smaller step in evolution of iPhone? There is no doubt that the Design elements are certainly quite impressive. The iPhone 6 is larger as well as it is quite visually appealing. Standard 6 now is enlarged from iPhone for 4.0 inches screen to those which is about 4.7 inches. This is the best part which makes people delighted while playing the games on their iPhone 6. The sensors of the touch screen are other important feature that gives the unique and exclusive appeal to gaming of iPhone. Read More