Marijuana Legislation and Where It’s Headed

Although conservatives largely won individual races in the 2016 election, they largely lost when it came to referendums on the issues in each state. In particular, pro-marijuana legislation nearly swept the referendums that it appeared on in 9 different states. That is the sort of popular mandate that is unlikely to reverse. And so marijuana legislation barrels closer to becoming a national reality like an inevitability. What does this mean for our society though? And where does the country stand in the dust of one of the most contentious elections that our nation has seen in hundreds of years. Here is some information about the current state of marijuana legislation, and where it stands to go from here…

Scientist checking hemp flowers

Medical marijuana legalization

In this past election, four different states, Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota, all voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana. This brings the total number of states where it is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes to 28, not including Washington D.C.. This means that over half of the states in the Union have now legalized medical marijuana, effectively turning the tide of the argument on medical marijuana. This is a fascinating trend, considering that marijuana is still considered a Class 1 substance by the federal government, and is still heavily criminalized by the DEA. Read More