Will We Ever Live on the Moon?

If you’ve ever stayed up late and looked at that brightest orb in the night sky, you’ve probably wondered about going there, and what it would be like to live on the moon. While this has often been the work of dreamers, there are real possibilities that this could happen one day, although there is plenty of reason to believe that it might not be anytime soon. Indeed, based on the recent announcement of Space X’s plans, we may be more likely to live on Mars before our own next door lunar neighbor. Here is some information about why we will someday reside permanently on the moon, and why it might be some time before that happens…

Full moon closeup

Robots have been the status quo

At the moment, there seems to be little reason to spend the extra money to sustain a human on the moon. Most research, recently, has been able to be conducted by remotely controlling robots to explore the surface of the moon. It is much easier to keep a robot safe and functioning on a surface that experiences high amounts of radiation, and brutally devastating shifts in temperature that ranges hundreds of degrees in a single day, than it is to do so with a human being. Until it becomes more beneficial to send humans to conduct research, we are likely going to move in the direction of setting up self-sustaining robotic stations to further explore the moon. Read More