Nokia X Dual SIM – the era of Nokia

The Nokia X dual SIM model was introduced in February 2014. The phone is with a display screen of 4.0 inch and it is from the category of touch screen. Nokia is the brand which is famous from decades for its telecommunication equipments and mobile devices. Nokia was earlier the largest manufacturer of mobile phones but it sold its device and service division to Microsoft.

Nokia X Dual SIM

This model of Nokia is with the Snapdragon processor but the RAM and the storage capacity is quite less. The phone is of a smaller display screen as compared to the screens developed today. The height width and thickness of the phone is 115.5, 63 and 10.40 respectively. The phone weighs 128.70 grams. The phone provides other connectivity features and the sensors which are commonly available. The phone is available in many different colors. Get the best deal using Amazon India. Read More