How to organize a giveaway on your blog

Giveaways are probably as old as marketing itself, but as the time goes by, it seems that this particular way of advertising has lost very little of its appeal. As a matter of fact, we could argue if it lost any at all. People still love receiving free promotional items, as businesses’ reputation and brand awareness improve as a result, new customers come into play, and the ROI achieved through such actions justifies the effort. There is no reason why your blog could not benefit from similar marketing approach. So now that we know why it is in your best interest to organize a giveaway, let us see how you can pull one off.

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Know Your Objectives

This may sound like pandering (because it is), but we cannot stress just how important it is to know what you are doing before you start doing it. Yes, giving away free items to attract new visitors is a good idea in general, but so is earning a billion dollars. There are just too many questions in between. If you are not sure how many people you want to bide to your blog, have not defined a particular time frame or how much money you want to spend, nor how you are going to use that new influx of followers to advance the blog further, no giveaway in the world will help you.  Read More