The Considerations to Make Before Buying Pallet Racks

Buying and installing pallet racks can be both a major capital investment and a significant logistics challenge for your business. Your pallet racking project has a much higher chance of success and smooth implementation if you take a number of key factors into account before you make your purchasing decision.

Pallets - The Considerations to Make Before Buying Pallet Racks

Space, Height and Safety Considerations

It’s important to ensure that your racking is only as high as your equipment can safely reach. This is particularly important with bulky or heavy items. When it comes to the width of the aisles, you need to make sure that equipment can turn when fully loaded if necessary. Forklifts generally need 3m to 4m between the racks. While high-bay systems with fully automated loading and unloading can be extremely efficient, they are also expensive. Back-to-back low-bay racking is frequently installed because of its lower cost. Read More