SEO Benefits of Video

The world of online marketing has drastically changed in a short period of time. Only a handful of years ago, SEO marketers were able to use an overabundance of keywords to convince search engines to rank their pages higher. However, things have changed as Google and their algorithms have become smarter and more able to determine user interest in pages. The old way of doing SEO is now dead, but new tools are emerging that will enable companies to market directly to consumers who will be more interested in their specific products and services. One of the biggest changes that have happened, and what will likely change the SEO landscape in the coming years, is the emergence of video as a major online marketing tool. Here are the many benefits of using video in an online marketing strategy…

Camera's action

Video comprises most internet traffic

Based on a study by Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, video has reached a point where it comprises nearly 70% of all traffic on the internet. This is an astonishing majority of internet traffic. When you consider this fact, it almost seems laughable to not include video in your online marketing strategy. On top of this, that same study predicts that video will comprise over 80% of internet traffic in the next two years. Neglecting video is the equivalent of neglecting four-fifths of the entire online market, and the trends towards video aren’t showing any signs of letting up. Read More