Using Snapchat To Advertise Your Business

The social media world evolves at a rapid pace. You’ve just about gotten to grips with Facebook only to be faced with Instagram. And now you’ve got your filters and hashtags down pat, there’s Snapchat to contend with.

Snapchat - Using Snapchat To Advertise Your Business

At its core, Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app. The images and videos posted by users disappear within ten seconds of being viewed. Alternatively, users can save their posts to their daily “story”. These posts will last for 24 hours before being deleted. In contrast to Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat encourages users to post in the now rather than after the fact. It’s seen as a platform for real experiences rather than edited photos and fancy filters. It’s ephemeral, well developed for video content and a platform on which users watch 10 billion videos every day.  Read More