How to Start Monetizing Your Social Media Presence

Almost anyone who has an account on social media has wondered before whether or not they could make money by simply existing on social media. It seems like a fun, and easy, gig. Most of us follow a good handful of social media influencers/content creators/gurus/bloggers, whatever you’d like to call them. Normal individuals who have somehow amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on any given social media platform. They’ve managed to get all of their followers invested in their lives, like mini celebrities. If you’ve wondered what it takes to get to that point, where a selfie on Instagram can give you thousands of dollars, here’s how.

Social Media Specialist - How to Start Monetizing Your Social Media Presence

Pick a platform

Many of the social media stars that you love following have significant followings across multiple social media platforms. But most of them started out on just one platform, and branched out as their following grew. If you’re hoping to someday monetize your social media accounts, you should pick one to start with. Not that it’s impossible to become successful across multiple at once, but it can easily become overwhelming. Read More