The 4 Most Expensive Asian Countries to Live In

Asia is a home to various delectable cuisine, dazzling cities, and distinct culture. Being the biggest continent, Asia has the best countries to consider when settling down or retiring. Are you deciding to settle in Asia? In this article, we have listed the most expensive yet livable countries in Asia to guide you when choosing the right country for you. Read on and take a look at these 5 most expensive Asian countries to live in.

Seoul Korea

South Korea 

Average Price Index: 72.17 

South Korea is situated in the southern part of Korean Peninsula and has over 25 million metropolitan populations. It is considered as one of the leading technology hub in Asia because of its fast and best internet connectivity.

South Korea has a far high grocery index of 98.06. However, it has a lower rent index compared to the other Asian countries by 35.55. Moreover, it is the East Asia’s most developed country.

Tokyo, Japan


Average Price Index: 64.25 

Its rich culture and different climate makes Japan a great option when settling down. Several technological advancements in Japan help its economy grow bigger and better.

Its consumer price index (CPI) is 80.36 while its grocery index may reach 82.68.

Larger cities, such as Tokyo has obviously expensive compared to the other cities in Japan. Moreover, Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, after United States and China.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

Average Price Index: 64.77 

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the successful and prominent countries in the Middle East. This country is known for its prosperous oil, construction, and energy industries. Their main revenue primarily comes from oil, real estate, and aviation. Its two states- Abu Dhabi and Dubai—has a successful tourism that attracts millions of tourists every year. The rent and groceries indexes in UAE may hit 66.86 and 60.3, respectively.



Average Price Index: 86. 58 

Being one of the most successful and developed countries in the world, it is no wondered that Singapore has ranked as one of the most expensive Asian countries to live in. Singapore is known for its modernize transport hubs, sustainable skyscrapers, and strict rules on litter. The groceries and rent indexes in Singapore plays approximately around 84.62 and 81.52, respectively.

Singapore is tagged by the World Bank as “the easiest place to do business”, making this country as one of the business hub in the world. Hence, it increases the cost of living in Singapore.

Even though that most of the Asian countries are still developing, the Asian countries listed above made it to the list of the most Asian countries to live in because of their economic status, massive infrastructural developments, modernize transport hubs, best internet connectivity, high import costs, and inflation of goods and services, among others. Though, there are still affordable housing properties located across Asia just like the various HDB in Singapore. Importantly, before deciding where to settle down, consider the culture and the cost of living of your preferred Asian country if it will match your income and lifestyle.

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