The Benefits of Electronic Access: Why an Electronic Access System is Necessary for Your Business

We all need security – even companies where there is no need to guard anything of specific great value. Simply put, restricting access to certain areas whilst preventing others from entering is simply a common sense method of improving security and efficiency in your business. The traditional mechanical lock and key may still do the job, but the electronic key is beyond doubt the wave of the future. Here is a closer look at electronic access and its great number of benefits:

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1.    Security guaranteed

Unless you have a sophisticated electronic wizard on your hands, your doors are safe and access will be granted only to those who have the proper authorisation. Electronic key cards are very difficult to duplicate, and in case one gets lost, it’s easy to remove it from the database as well.

2.    One key for all doors

Gone are the days when a person or security personnel had to jingle a bunch of mechanical keys and waste time trying to find the correct one to open a door. One key card can fit all doors, and the system will simply be programmed to allow some staff members access to some areas whilst preventing entry for others.

3.    A concrete logging history

You may not want to follow the movements of your employees all the time, but if something happens, it’s nice to know there are records which can tell you who was where and when. The system keeps a record of which card is in possession of whom, where that person has used it, and at what time. This doesn’t just increase your security – it also helps management determine the efficiency of the company and the log-in and log-out times of employees. It’s a security key and punch-card combined.

4.    Customisation

When the company changes its procedures, when people are promoted, or when new employees arrive, it can be a hassle figuring out who should have access to what, and how this will be recorded and how keys will be distributed. With simply a few strokes of the keys, management can change settings in a very convenient way, saving money and time.

5.    Installation and repair are very convenient

Traditionally, when a key is lost, security has already been breached – and this means installing new locks and handing out new keys. Not so with the electronic keys – if a card has been lost, it can simply be removed from the database and a new card can be distributed, saving time and money.

Electronic access doesn’t just ensure better security and tighter control: it empowers the employer and makes the company run more efficiently whilst allowing staff to act more independently. And, whether you need security guards Oxfordshire or a good electronic access system, you can definitely rely on security experts.

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