The Benefits of Utilising Serviced Offices in Malaysia

Leasing a corporate office is such a ubiquitous action that it’s easy to forget how complex it can be. There’s an awful lot to think about, no matter where in the world you intend to lay down roots. There are a number of reasons why Malaysia is a slightly easier place to rent than, say, Europe or America. For one thing, commercial rent rates are at a record low right now.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - The Benefits of Utilising Serviced Offices in Malaysia

It’s bad news for landlords, but businesses are taking advantage of stagnant prices. The popularity of serviced offices is also on the rise, as entrepreneurs fight for spots in the best neighbourhoods. So, it’s a fertile time, particularly for small businesses. However, it’s still important to be selective about the workspace you choose.

If you’re interested in trying a managed suite, Servcorp Serviced Offices are located in Kuala central Lumpur, and they have an excellent reputation. Keep reading to find out why serviced solutions are all the rage right now.

Short Term Contracts

With a serviced office, the lease is built to fit the needs of the business. It can be as long or as short as you prefer, which introduces a lot of flexibility to the arrangement. Most tenants start by paying for a few months and then letting the contract roll over until it’s time to leave.

Conference Rooms

Opt for one of the most respected serviced vendors to be sure of access to conference rooms and meeting spaces. It can be hard to find hosting facilities at short notice in busy Kuala Lumpur, but these rooms are for the express use of office members.

Instant Functionality

As serviced suites are offered on a ‘ready to use’ basis, they come furnished and complete with all utilities (heating, lighting, etc.) There is very little that you have to do in order to move in, besides signing the relevant paperwork and putting down a payment.

Administrative Assistance

There’s plenty of support on offer from the onsite staff, who are highly trained and can assist with many tasks. They include phone answering, redirecting calls, greeting guests, sorting mail, filing documents, and more. All you need to do is provide the relevant instructions.

Great for Networking

Often, small businesses end up isolated in buildings that don’t always contain other companies. In a serviced facility, all of your neighbours are commercial entities. There are plenty of opportunities to interact by sharing communal and collaborative areas.

Support at All Times

Serviced vendors are committed to solving problems. They want every day to run smoothly for their tenants. Whether this means changing broken lightbulbs, cleaning toilets, or helping with relocations to different suites, the staff are there for you. Serviced support is all-encompassing.

Amazing Location

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that serviced offices boast great locations. In Malaysia, you’ll find the best facilities in or close to Kuala Lumpur CBD. This is where the largest amount of corporate, retail, and financial action takes place.

How to Identify a Good Serviced Office

The thing to look out for, above all else, is great customer service. You can review this by arranging to take a guided tour of a local facility. This will give you a feel for how the onsite staff communicates with guests and tenants.

During the tour, ask plenty of pertinent questions about the networking capabilities of the offices, the monthly availability of meeting rooms, and whether there are any extras like canteens, hangout spots, and leisure areas.

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