The First Annual BHW Conference

The BHW conference is a one-of-a-kind event that you will never be able to find anywhere else. They have brought together some of the best and most accomplished people involved in internet marketing and have put them under one roof. There are plenty of amazing people that will be speaking at this event and we have taken some time to introduce a few of them to you below.


This is an exclusive event and ticket prices are high. They are offering discounts on tickets for early registrants and group purchases. Tickets start at $999 and up go to $2,495. The group tickets are available for $999. The early bird single ticket will cost $1,195. If you would like full accommodations for this conference, it will be an additional $300 which comes to $1,495. You can receive the early bird discounts if you purchase the tickets on or before September 16th. After that date, tickets will be available for $2,485. There are also service fees that will apply to these tickets as well.

Successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, Jeremy Schoemaker will be in attendance at this conference. You may best know him through his website, He is been featured in many major locations and has written a best-selling book.

Diamond Damien owner is the owner of the forum which is world renown for being one of the best Internet marketing and online moneymaking discussion forums in the world. He also owns and online consulting firm that focuses on investing online and helping businesses develop their presence on the Internet. He will be there to moderate many of the panel discussions and talk about the future of his and other internet marketing forums.

Scott Stratten is the author and president of He is a presence on Twitter, with over hundred and 160,000 followers. He was recently named by Forbes magazine as one of the five most influential people on social media. He specializes in viral and social content which he refers to as Un-marketing. He has appeared in publications such as the Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Fast Company, and USA Today. Business Review USA included Scott in their list of the 10 best marketing guru’s in the country. Scott has authored several best-selling books in the business category and has been involved in several other industries in their marketing departments. He also worked as a professor at Sheridan College. Scott is scheduled to be a keynote speaker for this conference. He has a lot of speaking experience and always impresses his audience members.

It is difficult to imagine how they’re able to bring together some of the most talented and accomplished people into one event. This is why the BlackHat World Conference is going to be so special. The wealth of knowledge that you will gain through these speakers will be priceless. There are many other speakers that will be attending this conference. You will be able to see over 20 in total.

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