The gold standard in data storage systems

If your company needs reliable data storage, then check out Nexan. They have installed 33,000 systems for 11,000 customers in over 60 countries since 1999. They have everything from cloud storage to backup and recovery. Their line of hybrid storage offers users an affordable system with cutting-edge technology. They are the gold standard in data storage systems.


Nexan offers three systems: the NST5000, the E-series, and Assureon. Each one addresses common needs such as backup and recovery, VM storage, and surveillance. NST5000 is their hybrid system that offers solid-state speed at an affordable price. The E-series is aimed a mid-sized companies that need a reliable, high-capacity system. Assureon is an archive system that will keep your date safe and secure for a very long time.
Nexan also offers solutions such as backup and recovery, cloud storage, and disaster recovery. Whatever you need, Nexan has a solution for it. Their systems are tailor-made to solve the most basic problems many companies face with data storage.

Nexan’s standard warranty includes free firmware and software updates and covers all Nexan supplied parts. They have a Basic support plan for those who want to do their own system maintenance and only need a simple plan. For those who need a little more help, they also offer three service packages: Enterprise, Premium and Concierge.

For more information, go to They will help you find the perfect system and service plan for your needs.

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