The Good Office Environment Down to a Chair

There is no ingredient more important to a business than its workforce. If your workers can interact effectively you have a sound basis for success. When it comes to the environment you provide you should take a little time to ensure that everyone has a positive feeling. That can come down to something as basic as a comfortable chair.

 wide office chair
A wide office chair provides comfort

Limit expenditure?

You may argue that the recent downturn in the world economy demands that you think long and hard about expenditure; your logic is that the staff can make do with things and change is non essential. Certainly it is difficult to measure improved ‘productivity’ in relation to office refurbishment, but you really have to ask yourself what brings the best out of you and are your surroundings a factor?


Times have changed; there is less formality than there were a couple of decades ago. People want to feel at home and arriving each day to a plain and austere office is not motivating and may become increasingly a demotivating factor.

Previously, there was a different view about how best to get productivity. It was largely thought that restrictions meant more concentration by a member of staff. That is not really the way forward years on. People now expect to be treated in a far more informal way that is likely to bring out the best in them.

In today’s world, the open plan office is more common, as well as some personalisation of an individual’s working space. A nice comfortable chair also helps to get workers more concerned about getting on with the job in hand rather than anticipating aches and pains through sitting too long.

Management skills

Management is a skill that not everyone possesses. Different people need to be encouraged in different ways. Some need their egos massaged; others will have initiative and get on with the job with minimal supervision. All like to be valued as individuals and respected for their contributions to the work effort. They also like to be comfortable and able to relax from time to time.

Mental effort can be tiring and at the end of the day most people will be ready for a break. However if they have worked in pleasant and comfortable surroundings during the day they are likely to leave for home ready to relax. They will have no concerns about returning the next day unless of course there is a particularly complex problem still needing resolution.

An objective opinion

Why not seek an opinion from a third party about the environment in which your staff is working? It may simply be a friend who is not closely involved and can be objective on what he or she sees. You may want to think about brightening the place up and it is easy for you to get ideas by going online.

A wide office chair may seem an incidental but the effort that is put into creating a comfortable office environment will certainly pay dividends.  If your staffs are happy, the office is likely to perform well. Good news for your business.

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