The Power of Promotional Products for Brand Recognition

It seems today that we live in an age in which the entire business world revolves around one simple five letter word. That word is BRAND. Brand is more than just name or logo, it is the association that one’s brain creates when he hears the word that that brand represents. This association is the connection between a simple image, a name or a logo and the entire service that your business or company represents along with its entire system of values.


In a modern world, although means of media are more advanced and sophisticated than they were ever before, it does not mean that building brand is an easy thing. Naturally, in the 21st century, the first thing in everyone’s mind, when one mentions marketing and advertising, is the notion of internet and social networks. However, what if someone told you that there is one method that is of the equal significance, if not even more significant for brand building than the internet itself. This method of course is business advertising through promotional products.

A more personal touch

The simple truth about internet today is the fact that its biggest advantage is at the same time its greatest weakness. What this means is that, while it may be great that it is easy and available for anyone to upload virtually anything online, this also means that information on the internet are often unreliable and unchecked. Also with many web scams and frauds, it is hard for anyone to believe in things he or she sees on the internet. Virtual messages simply do not seem real anymore.

Also, because many of the ads look uniformed and generic, many people have lost that feeling of traditional, personal touch of doing business. In modern alienated world of today, this professional and helpful, yet warm and friendly business approach is often desperately needed. This is where promoting your business through promotional product comes in handy.

The advantages of promotional products

Because of the aforementioned uniformity of the web advertisement, it just does not seem unique and special anymore. By gifting people with the promotional products, with your brand’s logo on them, you can achieve this feeling of the traditional notion of doing business without any trouble. By giving a promotional product as a gift you are able to demonstrate your devotion to your business, to your client and a will and determination to go that extra mile in order to achieve your goals. Truly something that anyone should admire and appreciate.

The statistics also agree on the advantage of promotional products. It is noted that over 87% of the people who receive one of these gifts still have them after a year has passed. The characteristics of the gifted promotional product, however, are likely to create a mental connection between its practicality and the positive feelings between your brands.

For example a stress ball with your company’s logo on it is quite likely to create a connection between stress reliefs that one feels every time when he or she uses it, and the very notion of your brand. Furthermore, the statistics have proven that over 66% people who receive a promotional product as a gift are still going to remember your company after a year and over 79% of them are most likely to do business with you again in the future. Truly a notion worth considering.

In this modern dog-eat-dog world of modern business, one must do all that is in his or hers power to gain that much needed upper hand over their competition. With this in mind, the use of power of promotional products in order to transform your business into a recognizable brand, could be just the thing you need.

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