The Top 5 Web Hosts

It is difficult to say conclusively that one particular host is the best of the bunch because different hosts will work better in different scenarios. However, there are a number of hosts that have been at the top of the game for some time now, delivering top service across the key areas. They are the hosts that both existing customers and technology experts will happily recommend again and again.

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Whilst there are different priorities for different businesses when it comes to choosing the right web host, the top five hosts are the most likely to provide the services and features that you will require. Here are our current top five hosts:

HostGator – One of the most popular hosting providers around, HostGator is the ideal host for businesses that are likely to grow and require advanced services from their host. They provide a hosting plan to suit most needs including: cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated and more. They are also great value for the level of customer service they provide. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year and offer a range of support channels such as telephone, LiveChat or email. Uptime guarantee is 99.9%, one of the highest around and you can get a 45 day money back guarantee compared to many that offer just 30 days or less.

Bluehost – With over 2 million websites to its name, Bluehost is another highly popular hosting choice. recommend Bluehost as the top choice for hosting WordPress and it has a 1-click installation feature to make things really easy and quick. You also get a free domain and site builder, which will get you up and running within 5 minutes! They also have a great reputation for their customer support.

SiteGround – SiteGround has a number of great features including a free site transfer and free automated backups as well as SSL. Their customer support is second-to-none and boasts to have no call waiting times, which isn’t the case with many of their competitors. Offers 99.9% uptime and SiteGround reviews frequently mention the high quality of the customer support.

GoDaddy – GoDaddy provides a wide range of services in addition to hosting and have provided 17 million customers with domains. GoDaddy is famous for its offer of a ‘website from 99p’ and whilst you will probably want more than what the lowest plan offers, it is still very good value. They rate highly for customer support and have great uptime. You will also find discounts available most of the time from companies like Groupon.

DreamHost – Named pcmag’s Editor’s Choice, DreamHost ticks pretty much all of the boxes. With unlimited data transfers, unlimited storage and 24/7 support, there isn’t much that you could ask for that DreamHost wouldn’t cater for. They are highly rated for their security features as well, which is a real benefit in today’s need to top online security.

These five hosts all continue to rate very highly on a regular basis. If you are choosing your host, take a look at the comparison charts to see which one best suits your business requirements. And always check the reviews of any web host, particularly if you are thinking of using one that isn’t rated highly like these five.

Once you make a decision on a web host, you might be stuck with it for at least a year, so put in the effort to research which host is the best for what you need it to do. Make a list of your key priorities and then go through the comparison charts to see which one fits your list the best. Going with a host that offers a money back guarantee is always a good idea.

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