The Top Social Media Tools For Your Startup To Thrive

As a startup, social media is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your brand. Not only is it free to post but also to gain a certain sense of what your audience is up to and thinks of your brand. Because of its wide availability, social media can also be incredibly competitive, which is why we’re offering a few of our favorite tools to take your social game to the next level. Check them out below:

Instagram - The Top Social Media Tools For Your Startup To Thrive

Social Steeze

A pretty big aspect of developing your social presence is not only the number of people that are following you but how many are engaging. After all, accounts with massive followings but only a few likes are a red flag and something you should aim to avoid. It’s important to give your brand a boost, but giving yourself that leg up is going to require a little bit of help; that’s where Social Steeze comes in.

This is a crucial component of any professional Instagram page; as noted by AdEspresso, brands see an engagement rate of around 4 percent from their total followers, and getting yourself to that point will be a tremendous help. Not only will people look at your page and know that you’re legit, but they’ll be more inclined to follow an account that they feel is genuinely popular. Give Social Steeze a chance if you’re still in the early stages of developing your following.


Another important factor for your startup’s brand to thrive on social media is by creating a consistent aesthetic and sticking to it. It’s a common practice among notable social media accounts because as noted by Brand Buddha, color can boost brand recognition by 80 percent. People tend to look out for brands that keep their image consistent, which if you’re looking to master out the gate, then VSCO is a great option to consider.

The most significant reason why people use VSCO is that it has a pretty great arsenal of tools to edit photos on the go. With a relatively straightforward design, the program helps tremendously with keeping your filters consistent, as well as what your overall image should look like. If you’re not familiar with photo editors, this is a great first option to use, as it has the same capabilities of a program like PhotoShop, only without all the complexities that go along with it. Give VSCO a shot for your brand, as creating a consistent brand image for your social pages will be a key component to giving your following a boost.

Facebook For Business

As almost all of us are familiar with what social media advertising is, getting into utilizing it as a tool is something a lot of business owners shy away from. Perhaps it’s because it can be a little intimidating or a lack of understanding of the price point, but regardless, the more you shy away from it, the more likely your social media becomes guesswork. However, if you’re looking to dive right into rich analytics and quantitative feedback, then Facebook For Business is the way to go.

Facebook For Business is the advertising platform for both Facebook and Instagram, giving you a full dashboard on how to run ads as well as specifically target certain audiences. For example, as noted by research compiled by Hootsuite, 72 percent of teens use Instagram daily, which in diving in further on Facebook For Business, you have the ability to target teens in certain metro areas, with specific political beliefs, that “like” certain pages, and the list could go on. Utilizing strategies like this can be especially useful in compiling feedback or A/B tests on campaigns and messaging, giving you a better scope on how to improve your brand voice long-term. Start taking a few courses on how to use Facebook For Business ASAP, as you’ll thank yourself later on.


Finally, aside from advertising on social, you also should consider some tools for management as well. If you’re not familiar, social media management is how you schedule and track your posts, including their performance as well as what you can do to improve them. This is pretty crucial practice, as certain principles are proven to help you perform better; for example, as noted by Zimmer Communications, consistent presentation of a brand increases revenues by up to 23 percent, and if you’re looking to land numbers like that, then using a management tool like Hootsuite is a win-win.

With Hootsuite, you not only have everything you need to manage your social in one platform but a bunch of other tools that can help take your social media to the next level. While they have all the expected bells and whistles of scheduling posts and tracking results, they also have some unique features such as advanced geo-analytics that can help show you where people are talking about your brand, as well as management tools for teams. As a one-stop shop for staying on top of all your social accounts, Hootsuite is a great platform to consider for your mix of digital marketing tools.

Social Steeze is a service that helps you grow your Instagram audience by having real people engage with your account. What are some social media tools you consider a must-have for brands? Comment with your insights below!

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