The Value of Well Written English in the Digital Age

The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, as well as being the primary international language for diplomacy, tourism and commerce. This, of course, means that anyone who wishes to have a future in any of these areas needs to have a solid grounding in the language.


English is taught as a mandatory second language in nearly all schools throughout northern Europe. Because of this very early exposure to the language, most northern Europeans can actually speak English as well as read and write to quite a remarkably high level. Many German students even go to London to attend a schule Englisch to improve both their spoken and written English skills.

Having a good understanding of written English is now becoming as important as being able to speak the language. The reason for this, of course, being that the Internet is now primarily in English. You can get online translations but most international sites and services think of English as the only real recognised language in this modern digital age.

A good command of the English language can help you to get better results when writing sales or marketing copy on the Internet. This is due to the fact that if you have a good grasp of the language, you can take full advantage of written marketing techniques.

1. Emotion

By using emotion in your copy, you can influence your readers. This of course, means that your copy has to be well written and you need to engage your reader on an emotional level. Only writers that have a good understanding of emotional copy as well as being able to write in a clear and fluid style can achieve this powerful style of persuasive copy. So, it goes without saying that a good grasp of the English language is essential for successful emotional copy.

2. Compelling Writing

Compelling writing means that you can pique your reader’s interest as well as lead them to a sale through sheer compelling copy. This means that by skilful mastery of the language you can actually talk someone into changing his or her behaviour. This takes time, study and practise. All good sales writers use this technique as a way of leading their readers.

3. Short Copy

Short copy is generally used on the homepage of a website. This particular form of written English needs to be both informative yet lean so it can grab the attention of just a passing reader. This means that the writer has to purely focus on the reader to lead them into following pages where they can delivery more in-depth copy regarding products or services. This method is used by all professional copywriters for its positive results.

4. A Clear Message

All online sales copy needs to project a clear and easy to understand message. This, of course, means that the copy has to be written in a way that is clear to the reader and shows them rather than tells about your product or services. A message needs to be clear and to the point without any unnecessary clutter.

5. Grammar

For a reader to effortlessly understand copy, it needs to be well written with good grammar. If a piece of copy is written using poor grammar, a reader will have difficulty understanding the piece and will more often than not tire and move to another website. A well written article or copy needs good grammar to make the job of reading the piece as easy as possible. A reader does not want work to understand a written message.

6. Punctuation

A good online writer also needs to have a good understanding of punctuation. This really comes down to the same rules as good grammar, being, it makes the job of reading, easier for the reader. In some instances, poor punctuation can lead to confusion and even misunderstandings for the reader, which of course is no good at all.

A good understanding of the English language is essential for clear and easy to read copy. So, if you are thinking about writing copy for your website or business, be sure to write clearly and in an easy to read and uncomplicated manner.


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