Thinking Of A Career In Web Design

In the grand scheme of the business world, web design is still a career that is relatively new. It is also one that seems to change on a daily basis as new technologies and design practices are introduced. The fact that everyone and their pet dog now deems it necessary to have a website would make it appear that a career as a web designer would be one that would offer plenty of opportunities. If the idea of getting involved in that industry is one that appeals, it might be a good idea to take a look inside the numbers of those that are already there, just to see how you might fit in.

Career In Web Design

There are some that would consider web design to be a “geeky” job, and since it’s usually males who fall under that category, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that about 78% of all web designers are men. That doesn’t mean that ladies can’t make good designers, it just means that they will be entering a male dominated industry. It’s also not surprising that web design is dominated by a younger workforce, with 47% falling in the 25-34 range. As we already said, internet and web design is still relatively young, hence the appeal to a younger crowd.

Getting into a career in web design may be more difficult than you believe, as existing designers feel that it is becoming a little more difficult to find a job in the industry. That may be due to the fact that a whopping 77% of those employed as web designers feel that their job is secure. If people aren’t being fired or laid off, it makes sense that open positions would start to become pretty scarce. Where that may start to change is in the newfound demand for websites that are compatible with mobile devices. Having a strong knowledge of that area of design can very much help your job search.

One thing that web designers seem to emphatically agree on is how little the general public knows about what the job entails. Most notably among that is the cost of having a site designed, which most customers seem to completely underestimate. Part of the issue could be because of the wildly fluctuating rates they are quotes, which is most likely to come from the fact that 62% of web designers do the job on a freelance basis.

The feeling among those in the industry is that the cost of web design may start to come down, especially since competition for work is now so high. This is something that really has to be considered if you are thinking about a career in web design. The chances are you are going to have to try and make it on your own as a freelancer, which means you may need to get incredibly competitive in your pricing until you have had the opportunity to build a clientele and create a portfolio that other potential customers can view.

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