Three Situations That Require Criminal Lawyer Guidance

If you’re like most people, then you never want to find yourself facing criminal charges. However, if you end up facing charges, you cannot underestimate the importance of proper legal representation.

Sydney Street

Most people aren’t prepared. Lack of adequate legal representation could leave you facing serious consequences, such as jail time and heavy fines. The best DUI lawyers in Sydney will fight to protect your rights.

DUI Charges

Unfortunately, DUI charges, like drug charges, are very common. If you’ve been charged with DUI, then you need a lawyer. A DUI conviction can leave you without a license, and it can cause you to end up in jail.

The good news is that a lawyer can fight valiantly for your freedom. If arresting officers didn’t follow the rules, then a lawyer might be able to get the charges dropped. There are several ways that a lawyer can pick apart the prosecutor’s case.

Possession of Drugs

Another charge that nobody wants to face is drug possession. Although it’s a common criminal charge, it carries significant penalties. Fortunately, criminal lawyers in Liverpool can fight to get the charges dropped.

The police officers that arrested you must’ve done everything according to protocol. If they didn’t follow the law, the charges against you could be dropped. The officers must’ve followed the law when they found the drugs, and they must’ve handled the arrest properly.

Street Accident


If you’re facing assault charges, then you need an experienced lawyer. Every assault case has two different sides to it, and a lawyer can look for inconsistencies.

There are many different variables in every assault case. For example, did you feel threatened before the assault? Do you feel like you acted in self-defence? An experienced lawyer can ask the important questions and try to have the charges against you dropped.

While you probably didn’t expect to be facing criminal charges, it’s not the end of the world. By hiring a lawyer, you can greatly increase your chances of avoiding serious fines and jail time. Experienced lawyers have your best interests in mind, so they fight hard for your rights and freedom.

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