Tips for Constructing an Office Building with Multiple Floors

As available real estate in cities dwindles, multi-floor buildings are an effective way to maximize space on a small footprint by going vertical. They are also great money-makers in today’s high-priced rental market. However, there are many considerations to take into account when constructing an office building with multiple floors. Read on to discover four tips for optimizing your multi-story building.

Construction - Tips for Constructing an Office Building with Multiple Floors

Include Technology Infrastructure

Technology is a vital part of any office building these days, and infrastructure is often a deciding factor for tenants. Future-proof your building by including the most up-to-date cabling and components you can find. Make sure WiFi is integrated throughout the building and include support for multiple internet service providers. Consider including shared media spaces like conference rooms and auditoriums.

Insulate Against Noise

Noise is a major concern for multi-floor buildings, and nothing drives tenants away faster than excessive sound pollution from surrounding offices. You can use rubber padding beneath floors to prevent foot traffic noise from traveling into the floor below. Installing extra insulation in restrooms prevents unpleasant sounds like flushing and running water from invading office spaces.

Make Your Building Accessible

The Americans with Disabilities Act has many basic accessibility requirements for new construction, but going above and beyond can help your building attract a diverse variety of tenants. Ensure that every room is wheelchair accessible and include at least one accessible stall in each restroom. Label all doors and signs with both text and braille. Conference rooms should have screens for closed captioning and raised platforms for sign language interpreters.

Don’t Neglect Safety

Safety is one of the most important considerations for multi-floor office buildings because there are many hazards and things that can go wrong in a tall building packed with people. Make sure that all codes related to fire and safety are followed to the letter. Additionally, install extra safety items like fire extinguishers, fire alarms and sprinklers. If you live in an area where tornadoes are likely, consider having a tornado shelter incorporated into the basement.

When putting up a multi-floor office building, remember that adding features during the initial construction phase is always much easier and more cost-effective than attempting to install them later. Incorporating technological infrastructure, using layered gyprock plastering, a method known for its noise-blocking capabilities, for walls and ceilings to insulate against sound transmission, and making your building safe, as well as safe, is essential. Including all the bells and whistles up front is an investment that will pay off with better tenants and less vacancies.

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