Tips On Appealing A Parking Ticket

Very few are the times when someone gets back to their car, finds a parking ticket, and thinks to themselves, “Fair enough!”. There are, however, many times when a parking ticket may have been issued unfairly or even illegally. Here are some tips on appealing the parking ticket that you have received.

Car Parking - Tips On Appealing A Parking Ticket

1. The first step in contesting the ticket is to find the contact information of the company who issued it in the first place. Draw up a letter as to why you feel the ticket is invalid and why you feel that you should not be forced to pay it. Keep in mind that if the ticket is paid within 14 days, the company is legally obligated to offer a minimum of a 40% discount off of the ticket fine. If there is any chance that the ticket may be enforceable, then you may want to just pay the discounted ticket to avoid paying the full fine.

2. Ask for an itemized accounting of the breakdown of charges. The ticket should only be for the actual loss to the landowner. If the ticket amounts to more than this, than it may unenforceable in a court of law.

3. Since some companies love to use “legalese” in an attempt to confuse honest citizens, several websites have been developed to aid in drafting a formal letter of dispute. This will ensure that all bases are covered when the letter is sent to parking control company.

4. If the parking ticket company is accredited via a trade association, then an independent appeal can be filed if the company rejects the initial appeal. The victim is allowed only a time period of 28 days from the date of the initial appeal decline to file what is known as a POPLA appeal.

5. At the end of the day, even big companies such as UKPC cannot force you to pay the parking ticket. While companies may be able to take you to court, even if the court rules against you, jail time would not be being faced. The worst case scenario is that damage would occur to your credit.

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