Top Activities to do in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe should be your next holiday destination. There are so many things to do and see in the country. If you are on a tight budget but want to see this amazing place, go to TravelhouseUK website and book cheap flights to Zimbabwe. The country has everything you need to relax and have fun on your vacations. We have listed five activities which you should do when you are in Zimbabwe:

Harare city - Zimbabwe

Roaming in the Ruined Cities

The Great Zimbabwe and Khami Ruins are two major archaeological sites in Zimbabwe. The giant structures made by these indigenous people are architectural marvel as the building blocks are fitted together without any kind of mortar. Both of them are listed as World Heritage Site. These cities were flourishing hubs for local trading. Explore how African indigenous people used to live and what was their culture.

Be an Adrenaline Junkie at Victoria Falls 

The sight of this natural wonder of the world will take your breath away. Victoria fall is huge as it is 2 times higher and half time wider than the Niagara Falls. The fall has iconic mist clouds which are visible even from 20 miles distance. This place is perfect for white water rafting with rapids of grade V. Soar over the falls in a microlight or a chopper. Or get a real adrenaline rush with bungee jumping. TravelhouseUK has collaborated with all the major airlines which offer flights to Harare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo.

Relax in Bulawayo City 

After all the adventurous activities you would have at Victoria Falls, head towards Bulawayo. The city has a more classic way of life with many cultural and historical spots. The city council has declared many Victorian era building as heritage sites. The best museum of Zimbabwe is also located in the city. It narrates the political and natural history of the country.

Explore the Wildlife of Zimbabwe

This country has vast expanses of wilderness which are preserved in their pristine condition. Many species of animals are plants are endemic to Zimbabwe such as the Big Five (elephants, rhino, lions, leopards and buffalo), antelopes, wild dogs and many others. The largest national park of Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park, has thousands of elephants roaming around. This is the best activity to do when you are travelling with kids. TravelhouseUK offers great deals on family trips & cheap flights to Zimbabwe  so contact us now.

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