Top MBA Specializations for a Dynamic Career

MBA is one of the most sought after career options nowadays. The increasing job opportunities and high salary packages offered to the top B-school graduates, makes it a popular option. The following post talks about the top MBA specializations that can open various career pathways for you. Read on…

MBA Specializations

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two year program that aims at educating a person in all the areas of management. The first year of an MBA degree focuses on providing an overview of all the major subjects in different specializations. However, in the second year, students are required to choose an MBA specialization as per their career plan and interest.

Choosing the specialization in MBA program is crucial as it directs your future career options. Selecting an MBA specialization can be difficult. However, if you know each one of them and the career opportunities available, it becomes easier to decide which MBA specialization you should opt.

Here are some specializations that ensure a lucrative career:


MBA in finance is one of the oldest and popular specializations among students seeking a career in finance. MBA Finance courses prepare Costing, Capital Management, Budgeting, and International Finance.  Some popular career options in MBA Finance include investment banking, financial analysis, financial consulting, retail banking, finance officer and treasurer.


MBA in Marketing is a highly competitive and rewarding specialization. An MBA course in marketing develops expertise in dynamic areas like consumer behavior, advertising, sales & distribution, and consumer durables. A graduate in MBA Marketing can find high paying jobs as sales manager, market research analyst, project manager, brand manager, and area manager.

International Business (IB)

MBA in International Business has gained much popularity in less time. This specialization focuses on providing an in-depth knowledge of the business concepts in the global scenario. The subject areas taught during the course educates students about international marketing, international operations and finance. Studying this specialization trains a person in various aspects of IB such as Export and Import Management, Foreign Exchange Management, International Finance and international Logistics. The job opportunities for students in this specialization are numerous.

Information Technology (IT)

MBA in Information Technology is an excellent option for those with interest and knowledge in the field of IT. MBA in IT course develops skills in planning, selecting, designing, administrating and implementing new strategies in communication and information technology. A graduate in this specialization is mainly involved in implementing and designing software and hardware solutions. Some of the lucrative job positions include technical consultants, system analyst, business development manager, and technical system manager.

Human Recourse (HR)

MBA in HR is another popular MBA specialization, which is chosen by many students during their second year of MBA program. This specialization offers knowledge in different aspects required in human resource management such as employee compensation, job analysis, hiring, performance appraisal, and training & development. To perform well in HR job roles, the aspiring candidate must possess excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, pleasing personality and confidence.

Apart from these old and some new MBA specializations, there are other well-recognized specializations such as MBA in Operations, MBA in Retail Management, Rural Management and Healthcare Management.

The decision of choosing an MBA specialization should mainly depend on some important factors, such as your career goals, personality, interest and skills. For instance, those having interest in crunching numbers can find MBA in Finance a highly rewarding career option, while those with an interest in outgoing job profile can perform well in marketing.

Well, whichever MBA specialization you choose, you can be sure of getting into a lucrative career with an MBA degree!


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