Top Three Energy Efficient Gadgets to Watch out This Year

Increasing environmental awareness and rising power costs have persuaded a significant number of consumers to opt for energy efficient gadgets that not only help in making the environment sustainable but also lower the electricity bills significantly. Owing to this preferential shift within consumers, more and more manufacturers are focusing on offering green devices that consumes very less power and provides one with an opportunity to save significant amount of money.

Energy Saving

Now, let us have a quick look at the top five energy saving gadgets that have changed the entire concept of energy consumption and have provided the consumers one less important reason to worry about-“the rising power bills”.

  • LED Lighting Accessories

LEDs have been in the market for quite some time now, and with time it has evolved to be a preferable illuminating option for the majority of consumers. It is important to note that LEDs have gained high level of popularity in both domestic and commercial sectors. It is that distinctive light source that offers the maximum brightness at the most cost effective price rate. Unlike fluorescent and Halogen, LEDs come with higher level of durability and efficiency. However, the most prominent aspect that has made LEDs an ideal choice for consumers is its low power consumption properties. Combining these smart lighting options along with an advanced electric saver can help one to curb the power bills significantly.

  • Advanced Thermostats

The functionality of the advanced thermostats go beyond the conventional programmable thermostats, where it can actually create an automated and personalized pattern of the total power consumption happening due to the usage of the heating and cooling devices. Based on the readings, these smart gadgets actually regulate the temperature of the interior by controlling the heating and cooling devices automatically. This actually restricts the need of frequent switch off and switch on, which often results in equipment damage and higher power consumption.

  • Smart Charging Stations

Very few of us are actually aware of the fact that one of the common causes of energy wastage in the residences is phantom power. This power wastage happens when electronic devices are plugged in within the power sockets but they are not turned on. Studies have shown that phantom power wastage includes almost eight percent of the total energy consumed by a house. Opting for smart charging station can help one to get rid of this issues because these smart devices automatically negates phantom power drainage when MP3 players or phones are fully charged but still the switch is not turned off.

Apart from these three laudable options, the consumers can also consider opting for other relevant energy efficient gadgets like EMS (Energy Management Systems), Smart power strips, energy star appliances and many more. Using these devices not only help in curbing the electricity bills but they also make the environment sustainable.

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