Trucking Accidents: Digging the Root of Prodigious Collision

Road accidents has become a drastic cause of the decrease of population. Over the past 20 years, the road accidents has increased vastly including the collision of the gigantic vehicles. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) truck accidents has increased by 20% that left millions of people injured and killed thousands of people.

Road Accident - Trucking Accidents: Digging the Root of Prodigious Collision

Despite the fact that truck accidents only contribute a small percentage among the total number of the road incidents (3%), trucking accidents typically has much greater harm effect than ordinary accidents due to the large size and heavy weights of all trucks.

The truck’s’ driver can be liable of the accident, the owner of the truck, the company or person that leased the truck or trailer to the owner and if the accident was caused by the damaged parts of the vehicle the manufacturer can be blamed to the severity of the accident.

There are many factors that contributes to these catastrophic incidents. Some of the common causes are listed below:

Distracted driving
The number one on the list of the most common causes of car accidents, distracted driving is when a distracted driver would shift his or her attention from the road to do other things such as using phones or even eating. These activities would trigger the possibility of accidents.

You’ve witnessed it along the highway, drivers that are on the rush wouldn’t mind their speed that would often result to misfortune. It is important that the driver knows the speed limit and to follow the rules at all times so as to avoid any accidents.

Drunk driving
Drivers that cannot focus on the road are listed on the top causes of these incidents, drinking loses your ability to focus and function properly and it’s very dangerous when operating a vehicle. It only takes common sense to know that it is dangerous to drive while intoxicated but most people ignore this fact. You ought to know better and avoid this at all cost.

Bad Weather
If the weather is adverse, so are the roads. Road accidents usually occur during bad weather because the water that’s caused by the rain or snow creates slippery and threatening surface that’s dangerous for drivers, for it allows the vehicle to spin out of control while braking and the uncontrollable automobile would babble off the road that causes accident.

Reckless Driving
Drivers that are too reckless in driving are most likely to be involved in car accidents. Aggressive drivers are the impatient ones that would run through red lights, change lanes too quickly or even tailgating that may end up in an uncalled-for accidents.

The key to prevent trucking accidents especially the truck incidents is to avoid as much as possible the stated causes above. And by that we mean have the discipline to do so. Firmly implementing regulations on the road would decrease the probability of car accidents. Start the discipline inside you and influence others to join the manoeuvre that would stop road accidents.

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