TVS Jupiter Grande VS Honda Activa 5G, Which One Is Better?

There are different kinds of scooter available in the marketplace today. When it comes to buying the best scooter, you can opt for the best brand. TVS and Honda are the popular brand in the market. TVS Jupiter Grande and Honda Activa 5G are the most selling scooter. These two brands equally make the great presence in the automobile industry.

Scooters - TVS Jupiter Grande VS Honda Activa 5G, Which One Is Better?

The Jupiter Grande is getting some periodic upgrades. Honda recently launches a new scooter named Activa 5G. If you want to buy the best scooter, it is necessary for the buyers to compare the features and specification of these latest models.

Cycle parts
The Jupiter is equipped with five spoke wheels along with 10 inches. Activa 5G is equipped with 10-inches steel wheels. These two models are indulged with tubeless tyres. Activa has an effective suspension system when compared to Jupiter.

Jupiter Grande is designed with drum brake with optional front disc brake setup. The users may use any one of the option based on your convenience. Activa 5G model only manages drum brake. Both of them have the combined braking facility. Honda and Jupiter Grande have the excellent fuel tank capacity.

The Jupiter Grande produces 8Nm and 8 bhp of torque that maintains 109cc the single-cylinder engine. The Activa 5G produces 9Nm and 8 bhp of torque that holds 109cc single-cylinder engine.

Honda Activa 5G - TVS Jupiter Grande VS Honda Activa 5G, Which One Is Better?

Chassis and suspension
These new models are featured with the drum brakes of 130mm that suitable for rear and front. Both of the models come up with the under bone frame chassis. These are the major attraction of the buyers to pick up these models.

Features and design
These two models maintain excellent design that attracts the buyers. The chrome touches are the main highlight of the scooters to make look premium. Activa model is designed with three chrome strops on the front and Jupiter gets a shiny surface on the front mirrors and fender.

The active model is loaded with full LED headlamp while the Jupiter is also equipped with LED tail lamp. The Jupiter holds excellent stitch-like pattern. The Activa 5G comes with the plain handlebar, black seat, and floorboard.

The Jupiter maintains small digital unit and analogue speedometer that shows trip meter, clock, and fuel level. On the other hand, the activa model also keeps these things. The Jupiter Grande and Activa 5G get 2 clips. The Activa is designed with the seat opener button. The external fuel filler cap of Jupiter is accessed via the key slot located on the left side panel. It just looks like the boot opener.

Choosing the best one amongst these two scooters is the frustrating task because both of them excellent scooters and provides a better package. When it comes to the price, it is not very different. In order to buy highly assured one, you can opt for Honda Activa 5G. Both of them give lots fun and entertainment to the riders. With the Jupiter Grande, riders can access larger wheels and use the optional front disk brake and premium suspension.

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